Pro Fiber

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Pro-Fiber Food Supplement

A dietary supplement containing the exclusive Fiber Flow Formula , a combination of Glucomanan, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, which helps fight fiber deficiency, digestive health issues, colon problem and also aids in reducing weight.

Glucomannan - also known as the Super Fiber, works by cleansing your colon and helps in digesting food properly.

Vitamins C and E - are good combination for a powerful immune system and helps fight free radicals that damage our cells.

- Eliminate toxins from the intestine.

- Helps in weight lose.

- Keeps blood sugar and cholesterol in ideal balance.

- Prevents colon cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

- Helps the body respond to damage due to free radicals.

- Has Glucomannan that significantly lowers hiigh triglyceride level.

- Helps eliminate toxins from the intestines by flushing out excess cholesterol, carbohydrates and fat.

- Effectively detoxifies the body.

- Push calories out through the colon.

- Controls appetite. - Cleanses the digestive tract regularly .

- Reduces the risk of colon cancer. - Aids in reducing abdominal fat.

- Helps reduce risk of cancer of the lower digestive tract due to its intestinal cleansing properties.

- Known to benefit individuals with metabolic related diseases by helping the body improve its blood lipid profiles.